"I am Jay": The Risk of Being Myself

A Springfield Media Lab Student Fights Transgender Discrimination 

In this episode, Brian Anthony Bevilacqua talks with NEPR Media Lab student Jay Capeles. Brian and Jay discuss how Media Lab gave a platform for Jay to speak about his transgender journey.


Through the course of many months, I struggled to verbalize who I am. After finding a safe community at Media Lab, I was able to verbalize my experience as a transgender male. This podcast is about my journey to come to terms with who I am and share my experiences --Jay Capeles

"The Trump administration recently announced it was withdrawing the protections for transgender students established by President Obama. The decision comes at a tough time for commentator and high school student Jay, who’s known since childhood that he was a boy. Jay has struggled to convince others that’s who he is. Abuse and threats of violence have not made his growth any easier. Now he's sharing his story"

Jay's Commentary originally aired on NEPR's Morning Edition Broadcast

Written and Produced with NEPR's Media Lab staff