Springfield Poets' Society

Piece directed by Joseph Carstairs and students from professor Damboise Journalism course


By Tanight  

Fuck the world
Leave it if I could
In the same hood
Up to no good
Talking back to my mother because she never understood
How things done changed
How people switched lanes
Your response was they just doing they thing living they own life
Despite all the shit we gave
Didn't want to say, but now I’m starting to grow some hate
Got this bitterness inside, I can’t stand the taste
Use to smoke with homies, now I’m taking to the face
Been staying inside most days cause I’m tired of facing
The world and the people in
Sharing fake love and smiles, man stop pretending
Time is what I stop lending
Guess people get offended
Now they looking at me as the bad guy
Something that I’m used to
I just try to keep it cool, trying make bigger moves
Trying to do them thangs they aint never see a nigga do

Students from the high school of Commerce work in a poetry group.

"I was honored to work with these young minds and to be a part of this process. I hope this work brings them some clarity or at least next time when they’re overwhelmed, they pick up a pen." - Alisina Saee-Nazari 

Reflection by Joseph Carstairs

Creating an open atmosphere where students feel free to express themselves is the first goal for the classroom leaders in Community Journalism and its partnering Media Lab class. This is a challenge that requires young leaders to go outside their comfort zones and to lead through example by sharing why they value education and believe in storytelling. Alisina Saee-Nazari is a published poet who wanted to come into Commerce High School and help students produce their own work, but found the some of the high school students were overwhelmed and struggled to focus on their writing. Rather than giving up, Alisina used his gifts to build up the confidence in his group to write creatively and share a piece of themselves.