What is success?

By Hector Lopez, Commerce Student

Hector Lopez, a student in the High School of Commerce in Springfield, MA, talks about his personal definitions of success.

Success to me is being able to provide and create a future for yourself. A lot of people are having families unprepared and their providing level is very low. I want to be at the point where I can provide and be ready for my future family, and help the ones in need as they are struggling much more than me and just need a little push of motivation. The term success pushes me to the point to where I can make others successful and have a ripple of goodness carry on from person to person.

During my childhood my mother has struggled providing for my brothers and sisters.  She struggled when she was in a relationship and when she was single.  She has five kids and had to try and provide for all of us for some time.  It was not pleasant. The struggle of my mother motivated me to work even harder, so I wouldn’t have that struggle. The struggle has motivated me so I can help those who do struggle as I know the pain of getting an empty hand and no one deserves that.